Here Are the Terms of Agreement



Marlon here.

I'm looking forward to having you as a brand new member of our team!

You know the scoop already - the affiliate signup is free. You get 50-70% (and sometimes more) on over 30 different products. We pay affiliates daily via Paypal (no checks, no exceptions) and we pay on backend sales.

There's just a couple more details I need to share with you real quick. By signing up and clicking the "Send In My Application" button at the bottom, you are agreeing to the following terms of service -->

#1 - You may not send any unsolicited email (spam) to promote my products.

#2 - You're required to use double opt-in with your list. Everything you do must be CAN SPAM compliant.

#3 - Every email you send out must have a remove link that can be easiliy found. They must also have your physical mailing address.

#4 - No safe lists.

#5 - No FFA's (free for all link sites).

#6 - I don't pay commissions on sales to yourself, immediate family, the same household, or the same IP address. In the event of any discrepancy, I reserve the right to withhold commissions until the guarantee period of the purchased product has passed.

#7 - Lastly, all commission payments are sent via Pay Pal's Mass Payment feature. We do NOT send checks or money orders. It is FREE for you to accept payments through PayPal. Before completing the sign up form you must first check to make SURE that you can accept payments from PayPal. They do not support all countries. To check if your country is supported go to this URL and view the list.